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adult merchant account

Island Payments offers payment processing solutions for merchants of the adult industry. Island Payments helps merchants establish adult credit card processing, which can sometimes be difficult and expensive. This is usually the case since adult businesses are viewed as higher risk than other sectors. In some cases, payment processors work with businesses from different parts of the high risk industry, such as debt collection, tobacco, wallet or pharmacist, but wont work with adult.

Understanding the need to provide adult payment processing services, Island Payments decided to provide both processing at lower cost and a simpler process to establish suitable processing. Island Payments is able to offer competitive processing to adult industry start-ups (less than $ 25K/month) all the way up to large enterprises. Approvals usually take between 1-2 weeks, depending on the account.

When an adult merchant opens a merchant account via Island Payments, we take a look at the company itself, and then determine the best solution possible. Startup accounts will be able to be in our third party payment system where we can help control risk, while you build your business. When you mount the volume, we can move your business in your own merchant account.

Feel free to contact Island Payments for more information about our payment processing services.


With corporate offices in the British Virgin Islands, Island Payments has built numerous relationships with banks throughout the globe. These relationships allow Island Payments to place many hard to place businesses with high risk merchant account and offshore merchant account services.



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