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98.4% merchant acceptance rate

One of the Highest Rates in High Risk

Island Payments has one of the highest merchant account acceptance rates of any of the high risk credit card processing organizations working over the internet today. With our in house underwriting and risk team along with our experienced management team, Island Payments able to work hand in hand with our clients to develop a custom high risk payment solution to fit every companies needs.

multiple currencies

Accepting Payments and Sending Settlements

Working with banks from around the globe, Island Payments is able to establish local high risk merchant accounts for specific currencies required by our global clients.  The eMoney license that Island Payments uses allows the ability to make payments and issue settlements through a variety of currencies to customer banks from around the world, making Island Payments a global leader in the high risk industry.

global banking partnerships

Integrated With Banks on 6 Continents

Operating with a vast network of banks, Island Payments is able to provide high risk payment processing solutions for most merchants in a number of industries.  Depending on the business, merchants will be partnered up with the appropriate banks that provide the necessary high risk credit card processing services needed for their industry.

high risk payment gateway

Fully PCI Compliant Payment Gateway

Merchants partnering with our high risk credit card processing services are able to utilize the PCI Compliant high risk payment gateway and support services provided by Island Payments.  Our high risk payment gateway offers merchants reliability along with the functionality of the most advance payment gateways available today and is constantly being upgraded with new features and functions.