About Island Payments

who we are


Island Payments formed around an idea

The team behind Island Payments came together after working for years in various facets of the payment processing industry.  This knowledge later became the backbone for the solid management structure behind Island Payments that has lead to the rapid growth of the corporate client portfolio.

With hands on knowledge of the technical, sales, marketing and banking segments of the industry, the idea of creating a payment service that was able to provide high risk credit card processing to niche industries in a manner that would allow for banking relations with minimal risk to merchants.

our history

2009 -

In 2009, the partners of Island Payments are introduced during a business deal in the USA.

2015 -

The idea of creating a high risk payment service provider was conceived after a conference in Europe.

2017 -

Island Payments is launched with banking relationships on multiple continents, adding to the diversification and strength of the high risk credit card processing services offered.